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IFA2 contractors go carbon neutral!

Working with its contractor I&H Brown, National Grid IFA2 has announced that the carbon impact for the new public open space will be neutral.*

As a socially responsible civil engineering organisation, I&H Brown pride themselves on reducing their environmental impact by counteracting its greenhouse gas emissions through a long-term forestry project. Where managed on a long-term basis, forests are seen as greenhouse gas sinks for carbon sequestration purposes.

The Open Space Development’s carbon footprint and emissions will be offset by planting a mixture of trees in the 620-hectare forest which I&H Brown maintains offsite, in addition to the planting on the Open Space Development (link older article). Since 2013, I&H Brown estimate that through woodland management, they have had an annual footprint offset of -3,950.50 CO2e per year.

The work being carried out by I&H Brown at the IFA2 site includes the reuse of ~36,000m3 of soil on site. This soil is being used to create the numerous earth bunds that screen the converter station buildings, as well as providing viewing platforms over sections of the Solent Airport.

David Luetchford, head of IFA2 said: “Our new open space contractor is working hard to deliver the public open space at the Daedalus site. We’re pleased that in partnership with I&H Brown, we will be able to deliver a public open space that has a neutral carbon impact.

Work is progressing well, and we’re now working to enhance the connectivity of the site by establishing the various footpaths and cycleways throughout the space for the public to enjoy in the future.”

*Carbon emissions are calculated and reported in tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) following recommended best practice