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Portsmouth University students begin work experience for IFA2 project

In late 2018, National Grid IFA2 welcomed students from Portsmouth University to carry out a business consultancy project within the IFA2 project as part of their degrees, the IFA2 Employment and Skills Plan and the ongoing commitment to engage with the local community.

Joining the IFA2 project team in November 2018, five business undergraduates were tasked with two projects targeted around the work due to take place at Monks Hill Beach and the delivery of the public open space north of Daedalus Airfield whilst, applying knowledge that they have learnt throughout their time at the university.

With the first of the two projects now complete, students have designed a series of panels, which will be transferred onto site hoardings highlighting the work that is scheduled to take place at Monks Hill Beach; where both the HVAC and HVDC cables will come onshore. Given the public nature of these works, the students also needed to explain various health and safety signs and symbols to inform members of the public to keep safe around the IFA2 construction site.

Returning in 2019, the students will then begin their next project, supporting the delivery of the public open space.

David Luetchford, head of IFA2 said: “We are thrilled to have students from Portsmouth University working with us on the IFA2 project. Ensuring that our site hoarding is both informative and educational for the local community is vital for us to meet the expectations of Fareham Borough Council. We are committed to delivering an appropriate level of communication and community engagement with the various stakeholders and members of the local community who use this public space.

At National Grid, we are always looking for new opportunities to engage local students in the different types of careers and work experience opportunities that National Grid offer. For more information please contact:”

One of the students from Portsmouth University said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed our time so far working with the IFA2 project team. The experience has given us a real insight into how to apply our university learning into real business consultancy scenarios.”